Hey guys! My name is Addy. I’m a proud, loving wife to Robert and a mother to two; Brantlee and Payson. I’m also a BONUS mama to Kolby, Coleton, Taylor and Cutler. So, pretty much I’m busy. I decided to be one of those “mommy bloggers” and I find it very rewarding and stress-free. It gets me away from my chaotic life as a wife and mother. This blog is about life. I will be doing posts about: co-parenting, motherhood, married life, the real world, my interests, hobbies, crafts, my photography and recipes!

I hope you all enjoy!

Living with a Mental Illness

Supporting Mental Health Awareness and sharing my story

A Life Of Mental Illness

The Joys and Pains of Schizophrenic Living in a Chronically Sane World

Coffee, Children & Chaos

A Lifestyle Blog For When Life Gets Chaotic

Work Around the Children

Make money from home

Let's Talk About Co-Parenting

the ins and outs of sharing your little human(s) with another

Questionable Choices in Parenting

Laughing at life as a parent so they don't commit me

A ‘not so’ Farmers Wife

A story of my life.

✨The Irresponsible Blogger✨

What?... I like .net you guys..I'm old school. Leave me alone.😜😜

Sunshine, Angels and Rainbows

'How lucky I am to have something that makes saying goodbye so hard.'

Hot Mess Goes To OZ


That Runner Mom

Chasing goals and babies

That Anxious Mom

My Tales of Parenting and Other Crap

Secret Life of a Stay at Home Mom

Being a mom is just the beginning...

Full of Chaos:: 6 Kids, a Cat & a Blog...

I don't blog until I had my coffee.

The Atavist Magazine

I don't blog until I had my coffee.


The best longform stories on the web

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